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I was honoured and very excited to be asked to deliver a TED talk at the 2010 TED Global conference in Oxford – ironically just 20 miles from where I live! 18 minutes to try to sum up a decade of work is a challenge but ultimately very liberating as I stripped back our ideas to their visionary core. I know many people hate public speaking but for some unknown reason I love it – though I have to say that giving a TED was the most nerve racking experience ever.  I hope that the talk inspires people across the planet to joyfully engage with the serious challenges we face. A video of the talk is now online.

Photo courtesy James Duncan Davidson / TED

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  1. Rob says:

    Many thanks for a fascinating talk. I absolutely agree that while an in-depth knowledge of the challenges we face is needed by change leaders, mainstream change makers reject such a burden. Mainstream change makers must be inspired in terms they understand and are most willing to accept… and what better terms than steps of happiness towards the ultimate goal of a sustainable world? Excellent!

  2. Dear Nic your presentation offers one of those rare combinations: inspiration to act + route to action + ways to influence and measure.
    Thank you for offering such meaningful and inspirational material.
    We would like to mention it during our own EBBF 20th Annual Conference titled
    see more about it here

    Could you indicate which links you would prefer us to mention to make sure our worldwide audience is directed to the most relevant of your many projects / initiatives?
    Look forward to promoting your ideas and suggested way forward for action so aligned to EBBF’s own vision:
    “We contribute to a prosperous, sustainable and just civilization
    by promoting and applying ethical values, personal virtues and moral leadership
    in business and civil society”.

    Warmest Congratulations

  3. Melina says:

    I saw the presentation and I truly enjoyed it! Congrats from Brazil!

  4. Fabulous talk. Bravo. Positive, happy, inspiring, do-able. Thank you. I share the dream. Let’s just do it, step by step, person by person.

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